Construction Work JYWCH 2021

In the course of the youth and junior world championships in biathlon in 2021, 8 construction measures are currently being carried out:

Cross-country guidance of the competition trails

Cross-country guidance of the competition trails (also roller track) with tourist trails and especially the agricultural goods traffic. For this purpose, two underpasses or overpasses and a new bridge over the Gailbach would have to be built.

Housing wax container

Restoration, expansion, renovation of roller track

In the course of the construction of the underpasses and bridges, the adaptation or restoration of the roller conveyor is necessary.

Adaptations of the snowmaking system

In order to be able to offer a corresponding snow guarantee, minor adaptations in the area of snowmaking technology are inevitable.

Adaptations shooting range

The shooting range in the cross-country and biathlon center was purchased in 2004 and renewed during the JYWCH 2013. In the meantime, parts of this system are no longer up to date and have to be brought up to date. In particular, the acquisition of the bullet trap boxes and the lighting of the shooting targets in diffuse lighting conditions is urgently needed.

Purchase of containers

In the course of enclosing the wax containers, additional containers were purchased.

Building construction

The planned rooms, which during the JWM will serve as a warm-up opportunity for the teams and trainers as well as food, should be used sustainably as an indoor power chamber, seminar room or as an indoor laser shooting range. Up to now we had to rent tents or containers annually for this infrastructure.

Floodlight system

Installation of a floodlight system on a short distance of 1.5 km.